What to Eat Before a Game

Nutrition is super important in order to fuel a player for game day. Some of the biggest mistakes female soccer players make includes not eating the proper foods before a big game. I always thought I had the “nutritional smarts” when preparing for game day. However, the nutrition packet that we received on day one of preseason my freshman year has made all of the difference.

Here are some tips regarding what you should eat prior to a game:

  1. Limit processed foods. (Sugars, trans and saturated fats are a no-go!)
  2. “Eat a rainbow.” (Fruits and vegetables give you the strength necessary to compete with on game day)
  3. Protein, protein, protein! (Each meal should consist of a type of protein)
  4. Health Fats are acceptable. (Avocados and nuts are helpful)
  5. Carb up! (Carbohydrates and grains really fuel your body)

Here are also some other tips in order to “fuel” yourself for games:

  1. Eat breakfast!
  2. Fuel for training (Don’t skip a meal!)
  3. Have a recovery drunk (or two)
  4. Sleep (because you know, we all need it)

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