Nothin’ like a Strong CORE

AH, core workouts. Personally, my absolute favorite workout to do is core. I love the feeling of having toned abs, which gives you the ability to build a strong lower body as well. I’m sure there are numerous core workouts out there that can greatly help a soccer player build his or her core. The following work outs that I am providing are two of the killer workouts we do here at CUA! Do what you need to do to build your best core, which has a great effect on your game.

SARA COOKE ABDOMINAL WORKOUT [Go directly from one exercise to the next without any breaks]

  •  25 crunches- feet flat on the floor
  • 25 touches- legs straight up in the air
  • 50 bicycles- slow motion
  • 25 leg lifts- feet together, straight up and down

Do 3 sets of the work out with a minute rest in between each set.


  • 20 reps of Dumbbell chops each side
  • 20 reps of Rotating planks
  • 20 reps of inchworm push-ups
  • 14 reps of sit-up with a cross-body punch
  • 20 reps of leg scissors
  • 20 reps of reverse crunch knee drops

I am always available to help if you have any questions about the exercises!


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