Build Up Your Stamina!

Another obvious thing that all soccer players need is stamina to keep up with opponents during games! JP Sousa, head coach of CUA women’s soccer, is a huge advocate for stamina. If you want to play at CUA, building up your stamina is key. The following work out that I am providing is one of the summer workouts we do that come in our workout packet.



  • Make a rectangle with 4 poles or cones. If you have the space, make it 50 yards long and 15 yards across. Then position the 4 poles or cones in a zig-zag arrangement at 20 yard intervals down one of the long sides.

The Drill

  • Run the course for 4 minutes, walking along the halfway and goal-lines for recovery. Work out at max intensity for the rest of the exercise. See how many laps you can complete in this time. Do this 3 times.


  • Do it with the ball at your feet.

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