Brazilian Circuit Training

What’s better than skills training by yourself? If you think partner training is, then this post is for you! This Brazilian circuit training requires a partner. This is one of my favorite workouts that I love to complete with my friends. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

15 minutes- Warm up

Move through each station twice, working for 75 seconds, off for 75 seconds.

Station 1

  • Place 7 cones in a zig-zag, each cone 6 yards apart. Sprint diagonally with the ball making your way around each cone. Use the inside of the foot when changing direction around the cone and the outside for sprinting. Then speed dribble back to the starting cone. Repeat.

Station 2

  • Player A and Player B are 5 yards apart. Player A starts in a sit-up position, does a sit-up and player B tosses the ball so player A can head it back. Repeat.

Station 3

  • Using 6 cones, make 2 small goals 20 yards apart with four of the cones and then place the other two cones in between approximates 7 yards out to the sides. Dribble through the goal, around the outside marker to the other goal. Repeat.

Station 4

  • Player A and player B are 10 yards apart. Player A starts in a sit-up position and PLayer B starts standing with the ball at her feet. Player A does three sit-ups, jumps up and receives a pass, returning it to player B. Player A then sprints around player B and repeats this.

Station 5

  • Set 3 cones in a T formation. 2 cones are 10 yards apart on a line. 3rd cone 10 yards away. Player A starts at 3rd cone. Player B starts with ball a couple of yards on the other side of the line. Player A does a somersault and quickly gets up. Player B passes the ball to the right of the cone, player A runs to the ball and one touches the ball back to player B. Player B then basses the ball to the second cone. PLayer A runs to the cone and basses it back. Player A then runs back and starts again.

Station 6

  • Set 4 cones in a square. Each cone 7 yards apart. Player B is in the center. Player A makes quick passes to different open spaces in the square. Player B should react as fast as possible and pass the ball back to player A in one touch. Repeat.

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