Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots… everybody!!

Every player could always use some shooting practice. I know I certainly could! Improving your shot is essential in college soccer. As a player, you need to learn how to control the ball and set up your shot in a rapid period of time before players close down on you. This shooting drill is designed to help you improve your shot so that you can excel on the field, especially in front of the goal. (A wall is needed for this skills session.)


  • 5 minutes- get 2 yards away from the wall. Quick one-touch passes to yourself off the wall using only the laces of the foot. Locked ankle down (as if shooting from a disatnce),  knee over the ball, striking through the center of the ball. All power should be derived from the quick snapping motion of the lower leg. Switch back and forth with left and right foot. Stretch. Move back to 5 yards away. Repeat for 5 minutes. Stretch. Move back to 10 yards away. Repeat for 5 minutes. Stretch.

Technical Work: Shooting

  • 6 minutes- Back up to 20 yards away. Pick a spot on the wall to aim at each time you shoot the ball. Strike the ball as hard as you can at the sport, again employing a one-touch rhythm. Do not control the ball prior to striking it- just shoot it off the first touch regardless of the bounce. Keep the ball low.
  • 6 minutes- Again at 20 yards. Strike the ball with power and as it comes off the wall, receive it cleanly and quickly fire another shot off the wall. So 2 touches if possible, keeping in mind speed of play. The point is to develop technical speed with a power shot.
  • 6 minutes- 30 yards away. Repeat previous exercise employing a two touch rhythm. Make sure you are alternating your left and right foot.

Technical Work: Shooting

  • Make sure your neck is adequately stretched prior to heading.
  • 1 minute- 2 yards away from the wall. Juggle with head against the wall, using 1 touch on the header
  • 2 minutes- Back up to 5-7 yards of the wall. Throw the ball up against the wall and as it comes off, head with power, getting your entire body into the heading motion.
  • 3 minutes- move to within 5 yards of the wall. Toss the ball against the wall force you to jump to head the ball back at the wall. Head it downward with power. Catch the ball after you have headed it each time. Make sure your toss forces you to jump at the heights of your jump.

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